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Welcome to the section of our Library "Help orthodox teacher".  This is a database of programs, procedures, guidelines, scenarios of Orthodox holidays, multimedia materials (presentations, audio and video), examples of children's handicrafts, colorings, Orthodox puzzles, crossword puzzles, poetry, etc. for students of different age groups - from groups of preschoolers to groups of adults. Library is created to help the Orthodox Sunday school teachers, teachers of schools, clubs of moral and spiritual direction, as well as to help "home teachers".

Materials are constantly updated and available for downloading in the relevant parts of the Library. To find the right materials, please use the menu on the left.

We invite Orthodox teachers to place their materials on our site for sharing experiences with colleagues. To do this, please send materials to the address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Project Coordinator: Larissa Boyko-Boychuk

The project is implemented with the blessing of Reverend Philip, Archbishop of Poltava and Mirgorod, Head of the Synod Department for Religious Education and Catechesis of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

What format of religious education for children is needed according to your oppinion?



Sunday September 24, 2017 / September 11, 2017

16th Sunday after Pentecost. Tone seven.

Sunday before the Universal Elevation of the Precious and Life-Creating Cross of the Lord Translation of the relics of Venerables Sergius and Herman of Valaam. Venerable Theodora of Alexandria (490). Hieromartyrs Nicholas and Victor priests (1918). Hieromartyr Carp priest (1937). Venerable Silouan, elder of Mt. Athos (1938). Hieromartyr Nicholas diacon (1942). Martyrs Demetrius, his wife Euanthia, and their son Demetrian at Skepsis on the Hellespont (1st c.). Martyrs Diodorus, Didymus, and Diomedes of Laodicea (4th c.). Martyr Ia of Persia and 9,000 Martyrs with her (363). Venerable Euphrosynus the Cook of Alexandria (9th c.). Weeping Kazan Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos, of "Kaplunovka" (1689). Martyrs Serapion, Cronides (Hieronides), and Leontius of Alexandria (237). Venerable Paphnutius the Confessor, bishop in the Egyptian Thebaid (4th c.). Holy Martyr Theodora of Vasta in the Peloponnesus. Venerable Elias the Cave-dweller, of Calabria (960). Canonization (1978) of St. Xenia of St. Petersburg (18th c.). Venerable Deiniol, abbot of Bangor, bishop in Wales (584) (Celtic & British).
Монастыри и храмы УПЦ Десятинный монастырь